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Jaw dropping WOWvx

Walking down one of the side aisles at IBC I noticed something hovering in front of a screen. IBC is an event crammed with HD screens and other yummy goodies, and this screen didn't look outwardly any different to the others: A Philips badge bottom centre, and a 3 dimensional picture hovering in front of it.

No really, real 3D, promise.

I did one serious double take and can honestly say I was blown away.

At the entrance to one of the display areas they were showing off a multi screen display, and this photo completely fails to do it justice:


Philips calls it WOWvx.

So, does it work?

You need to find a sweet spot to view the 3D effect, too far away and the image reverts to the 2D image that you wouldn't notice as out of the ordinary in any way. But come closer, and a threshold is reached where beyond the screen depth appears.

Left and right matters too. Walk past, and there is a "switchover" as you move back into the sweetspot. If this thing finds its way into your living room, you could finding yourself fighting for the best spots on the couch.

And content?

Some of the content took the form of tentative attempts at 3D menus that looked a bit bland: Menu options on hovering squares, or 3D titling hovering in front of 2D images. But when you switched to pure 3D content, the effect was breathtaking.

When you look at television, people have got incredibly excited by the idea of HD, which is basically the same as what we've been watching for years, only much, much clearer. WOWvx however does justice to the wow in its name: HD becomes 3D.

If you get the chance to see one of these things demoed for you live, go take a look. No image on the web is likely to do this justice at this point. Not till we get 3D on our computer screens at least.


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I went to sentosa island here in singapore where have a 4D cinema, its was amazing. I was amazed. It feels like you are in the movie.

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